Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Epic Ice Cream FAIL.

Yeah. It's so important it deserves it's own blog post.

Tonight, I headed grudgingly to PathMark late to try and avoid the after work rush. Hips and feet protesting after my 115 block walk today (yeahhhh that's right), I trekked back out into the night to be able to feed myself in my apartment for the next several weeks.

Knowing one of my missions was to pick up ice cream for my roommate, I of course picked up ice cream for myself as well. Perusing the selections, I ALMOST got Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked froyo and Banana Split ice cream, but then AHA! Behold! Favorite dessert pseudo-indulgence of my childhood, Haagen-Dazs Mango sorbet!

I make my way to the register, have a small heart attack when I remember yet again that eating healthier costs way, way more than eating processed crap I can make in my microwave (seriously, if you want to take a look at the poverty-obesity link in America, go no further than my grocery store - okay I guess that's sort of far for some), bag my groceries, and take home my delicious ice cream, eager to unbag and eat.

Home now. Groceries unbagged. Purse back in room, Forever 21 purchases hung (actually that's a lie, but I'm writing it to remember to do it when I finish this). Delicious sorbet time! Entered kitchen. Retrieved it from freezer. Hmm, suspiciously soft for sorbet. Open container.


Apparently I do. God dammit.

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