Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh hello there, blogosphere!

Lately, I've been on a blog reading binge, which lead me to remember, oh right! I have a blog!

Out of curiosity I added my own to my reading material and lo-and-behold, noticed that I haven't updated since July. Whooooops. (And crapped out in the middle of my second 30-Day-Challenge that I made it only like 6 days into. Double whoops.)

So what have I been up to? It seems like it hasn't been that much time since July, but it would appear I've done quite a bit.

Since July I've:
Quit a job that was making me slowly but surely completely insane.
Seen three Broadway shows.
Looked manically for a new job and perfected the art of lying through my teeth/convincing people I am a far more competent waitress than I appear on paper.
Did a show!
Procured said new job!
Met a nice Irish boy.
Said goodbye to the nice Irish boy a few weeks later.
Braved a (totally uneventful/lamest ever) hurricane.
Signed on to do a show that, I thought, was totally not me at all.
Reconnected with someone who I was pretty sure I'd never speak to again and became, it seems, pretty good friends with that person again.
Finally saw an actual baseball game at Yankee stadium.
Joined a new gym.
Quickly realized I had transitioned to working all the time.
Actually opened that show I thought was totally not me at all and completely fell in love with the show, the creative team, and just about everything about it.
Danced in the rain, performed for the New York Times, wore a prom dress in public at age 22, and learned to operate a puppet.
Wrote my own love letter to New York.
Discovered that I really, really hate brunch.
Discovered that I really, really love fall.
Had a lovely albeit brief visit with my family, both biological and otherwise.
Turns out, met another boy. More on that later.
Made significant headway on my student loan debt (perk of working all the time).
Fell down on the job a little with the whole audition thing - downsides of doing 7 shows a week and working all the time.
Began to plan to move to my 12th address in 22 years.

...And the usual shenanigans with the usual suspects and a new cast of characters at work, and about a million and a half other things. There are some entertaining anecdotes, some things I need to puzzle through, and some reflections. And I figure since I've spent so much time reading blogs lately, it's probably time I gave my own a little more love.

I can't - and won't - promise consistency, but hey. Who knows? Maybe someone out there (besides my dear friend Kitty Kat) will add me to their compulsive blog reading!

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