Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Job interview! Or, it snows way more in the Bronx

Who knew?

Seriously though, the lack of foot traffic in residential neighborhoods = significantly more snow accumulation. Also significantly less slush than in good old El Barrio. Win. (Okay, well not totally; I showed up for my interview with soaking wet, completely numb feet. MUST buy snow boots when less broke).

Interview was good; the space was somehow not at all what I imagined. I think every teaching/youth arts related job I interview for I expect to be like/look like the last one, and it never does. The woman was concerned that as my priority is to be an actress, I will get some kind of big time acting job and quit unexpectedly; leaving them hanging. This is, of course, true, but one learns how to spin these things; besides, even if that does happen it'll probably be six months from now. Also, despite my very real desire to go home for the summer, or somewhere closeish to home, I doubt that that will end up happening what with the whole finding a subletter business. So I'll be here, and suddenly with buckets of free time. Other than that, she seemed very receptive, liked my resume, liked my background with both arts education and arts administration, and liked that I myself was involved with that world. Said she will let me know tomorrow or Wednesday, so fingers crossed.

Just realized that we moved into our apartment four months ago today. Fuck. The time that we lived in that other apartment feels like it was out of someone else's life; in a weird way, living at Greenwich feels more recent than living in that apartment. See? This is what I'm talking about with the chasing after my life thing.

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