Thursday, August 5, 2010

IDK, my bff coffee?

In high school, my friends and I made a bet I could stay caffeine free for an entire week. I believe the week ran Wednesday-Wednesday (see previous post about my memory for the inane and asinine - which yes, are faaaaairly synonymous but I love both of those words), and I was on the honor system for the weekend. Obviously therefore I cheated. Matt/Molly, if by chance you're reading this, my apologies.

I did, however, end up having to pay up anyway on the technicality that chocolate has caffeine in it, and since I had eaten chocolate during that week, I lost the bet.

The reasoning behind the bet was that at the time, at a mere 16, two local Starbucks branches already knew me by "name" and I was already well on my way to caffeine headaches when I did not start my day caffeinated. I had discovered, at the time, something that I know to be technically impossible but nonetheless still true somehow in my very backward psyche: coffee calms me down.

By this I mean to say DOES energize me (or gets me to zero, depending on the day), but since I was about 16, coffee has been a relatively integral part of my stress-management curriculum. I don't know what it is, but throughout high school and very often in college, those afternoons where everything seemed juuuuuust outside of my zone of rational control and I was dangerously close to lashing out at everything and everyone around me, a simple caramel macchiato/latte/hazelnut iced coffee/regular coffee usually did the trick to quell this antisocial and invariably counterproductive urge.

Logically and biologically speaking this should not be true and yet I find it is to this day. And yes, my time as an almost-psych major and then an almost-psych minor tell me that logically yes it's not all that strange it's the placebo effect and the strength of association and blah blah blah BUT I still think it's strange since chemically speaking, caffeine should make me MORE wired and inclined towards high-stress behaviors.

[If any of you hear a slight rotating noise, it's the collective sound of anybody who knew me in high school rolling their eyes that I bothered writing this.]

Mmmm, latte.


  1. I totally know what you mean. And I did roll my eyes, though I appreciate your insights.
    I'm going to take a trip to New York and you are going to take me to the best coffee place you know.

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