Thursday, May 3, 2012

keep it positive (as you pull her hair and call her whore)


There are no girl fights in my life at present, I promise. But sadly when I was thinking about how to title this post I kept coming back to Legally Blonde the Musical, so... that's that.

For those of you keeping track at home, the last two posts have been... kind of a downer. WHOOPS Y'ALL. I swear to you that good things did happen to me between November and April, and that good things have happened to me since April. I did not (entirely) let some guy ruin my life for four months.

If you know the song "Somebody that I Used to Know" (and if not, what rock have you lived under since like last September? Shit is allllll over the internets), you might know that there's a lyric that goes "you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness." I think that's true, and frankly I think that's in part what I did - I think I got stuck on the idea of being upset about this guy, because it was easier to be upset about him than... well, to work on a way to move out of that part of my life. But move I did, spurred by someone on Facebook checking in about their New Years' Resolutions. Why, you ask? Because mine was to be more positive.

...No seriously. It was.

I've given you ample space for laughter, so I'll continue. OBVIOUSLY, for those of you keeping score with the blog and/or those of you who've talked to me since... say, February, I haven't been doing a great job of that. But I've realized it is important to me and since I've made at least a somewhat conscious effort to focus on this again, I really have been happier. Who knew. It actually is that simple.

Which brings me to the actual idea of this post. Today I was at the gym (as part of my "positivity" plan I've realized a somewhat shocking thing - I'm the kind of person who likes working out and actually needs activity to keep me sane) when I realized that... the gym's kind of strange, guys. I understand the concept, but when you consider the abstract idea of paying money to do something you can do for free in nature (or concrete, if you also reside in New York City), the specifics that come together there seem that much odder.

To begin with, in the locker room I saw a woman coming out of class in an honest to god thong leotard over biker shorts. Y'all it is 2012. I mean I look like a scrub at the gym but the shit some people wear to work out baffles the hell out of me - from the people who still legitimately believe this is a gym look to the people who wear the shapeless vaguely plastic looking sweat jackets to the people who spend an absurd amount of money on matching Nike or LuluLemon athletic wear, gym fashion is a strange, strange animal.

The aforementioned woman then struck up a conversation with another woman who she had just come out of class with - but both were in the NUDE. In what other environment would this be okay?!? Call me prudish but I found this incredibly strange.

This of course sends my highly analytical self on a strangely detached observation of this odd collection of strange machines and smells and noises that, somehow, are one of the most "normal" people of everyone's daily life. Strange the weird things that become routine.

...But I've gotta say, sweaty and disgusting though I was when I left, I did feel better about my day. Positivity, indeed.

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