Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting my act together and taking it on the road...

Why hello there, blogosphere!

My one reader Kitty Kat will be thrilled to see I've returned to the world of blogging. Other than that, who the hell knows or cares.

I've once again been on a blog reading kick, and I feel like mine deserves some love. And a tiny bit of an image makeover. Or a direction shift at least.

I still love navel gazing and bestowing my asinine thoughts upon you, the good people of the internet, but I'm also thinking that as I try to make something of an internal makeover, this blog could actually be a tool to keep me accountable to myself. Sort of a combination professional/personal/attempted health and fitness/theatre/asinine ramblings about life blog. Gotta keep that last one in there - I am who I am, after all.

It's been an eventful, crazy fast summer.

June saw the beginning of rehearsal for a summer show that I loved, the beginning of rehearsals for a summer show I did not, and a lot of the requisite craziness summer in this city seems to require. Getting myself in a little trouble, watching the sun rise a few too many times... the usual. Perhaps most importantly, June saw the going away party of one of my oldest and dearest friends in New York. Ridiculous, tearful, and drunk are the words I'd use.

July brought me to Bermuda to see the aforementioned friend (hint: this friend is my one reader!) and the second time I've left the continental US in 2012 (win!) and the second time in two years I've actually used my passport (double win! doubling the amount of times I used it in 2007-2011). Sunny, touristy, drunk again, and BIRTHDAY ON AN ISLAND. Returned from Bermuda, celebrated again in New York, dropped out/got asked to leave the show I did not like. Mixed results and feelings about that. Did the show I did like and got to get down and dirty with some fake blood, a teddy bear as a weapon, and lots of not a lot of costumes. The fam came, there were limos and brunch and baseball and it was fantastic. I took another job and watched a lot of eurocup at Manch and served a lot of tourists some autogratted beers. Whoops.

August saw me shoot a tv show for the first time (look out for me as a dead college student on Biography's Celebrity Ghost Stories! I'll be on imdb and everything!) and go down to Edisto South Carolina for DAYTONA 94. Sun, fun, friends, Dunworkin, road trippin, boozin', eatin', cookin', skinny dipping and turning myself brown as our hardwood furniture. And in the meantime, a wee bit of soul searching brought back a Siobhan I've actually really missed for a long time - the happy, positive, focused girl I've lost track of for a while. She's not perfect and she's still definitely going to fuck shit up on the way to reclaiming this better self. But god, it feels really good to work on it.

Oh, right, and it was my five year anniversary with New York. Which is pretty huge, I think?

And that sort of brings me to where we are today.

It's September. Rather than wake me up when September ends, I like to wake up when September begins. Who knows? Maybe my brain still operates on a back to school pattern but I find myself more motivated in the fall than around New Years'. Took a week in California to see my family and puppies and some baseball and do all the touristy things with one of the (New York) usual suspects, and reconnect with some old friends.

I guess I do sort of still measure my years in the school way, because it seems difficult to wrap my mind around everything that's happened this time last year that I still think of as only a few months ago. Time flies when you're alive, I guess.

I mentioned the refocusing of the blog. Professionally, that means reports on auditions and castings and career related things. Keep me accountable to myself. Health(ily?), that means I'm doing this new thing where I'm going to really work on eating better... and I have this crazy idea that I want to run a 5k. Stay tuned for that party (oh. oh wait. no that sounds like the exact OPPOSITE of a party). Personally... well we'll have to see. And in the meantime, expect my usual share of asinine ramblings.

gossip girl

...No I'm totally kidding, I just didn't have a witty sign off prepared.


  1. Lies! You have two readers, because apparently I read your blog. (This showed up in my Google Reader, and it was a pleasant surprise.) Congrats on the shows, TV, traveling, etc. etc. etc. Keep updating!

  2. You run a 5k and I'll have a drink waiting at the finish line.