Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember what I said about said motivational slump?

Tuesdays are, generally speaking, my favorite day of the week, because I have one class, and it's Accents and Dialects. This means two hours of the international phonetic alphabet, and joking around with other drama kids nerdy enough to actually take Accents and Dialects (by way of clarification, these are the kind I don't hate), and speaking in funny voices (see aforementioned note about how last night while watching tv I OUGHT to have been learning my German monologue).

That having been said, having one class in the direct middle of the day sometimes makes it that much harder to muster the motivation to actually go. This may seem paradoxical - surely it's easier to make the decision to stay in my bed when class begins at 9 am? Theoretically yes, but when I'm already allowed to sleep in it seems rude and unfair that I have to leave the comfort of my apartment to go allllll the way down to campus for only one class, even if it is one that I greatly enjoy.

So today, you can imagine my happiness when I was awoken because my roommate jumped on me at 9:30 in the morning to announce that our class was cancelled. SCORE. Then when I awoke for real around an hour and a half later, I discovered, via text message, that my voice lesson too was cancelled - sort of annoying, actually, as it's like the 4th one in a row that's been cancelled BUT for our purposes awesome, thus leaving me blissfully obligation free until 5:45 when I need to leave for rehearsal.

...The only drawback here is I have been watching tv via Netflix instant watch and drinking coffee for the better part of, well, ALL my waking hours thus far today. About that senioritis...

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