Monday, March 1, 2010

So sometimes I have trouble sleeping

This is problematic, you see, as it's beginning to have somewhat averse effects on my health. Like that time two weeks ago when I did not fall asleep, for god only knows what reason, until FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. This does not bode well when your first class begins at 9, you must leave at 8:15, and you must wake up for said class at 7:30. (Or who knows, maybe some people are better conditioned to calling their evening of "sleep" what I would describe as a particularly fulfilling nap. I, obviously, am not.) Needless to say it didn't happen, and I made it to the 11 am class with my sincerest apologies to the 9 am class' teacher.

This morning, cerca 1:15, it dawned on me that my alarm was in fact going to ring at 7:30 for studio this morning. Bedtime! Alas, as is so increasingly often the case, though I'd been tired at 10 pm, sadly at 1:15 I was as awake as I had been roughly twelve hours earlier. Fine, okay, I'll get in my bed and look over my work for tomorrow/get a jump on more summer stuff, 2:30 bedtime, not optimal, but totally do-able with a 7:30 wakeup time. Oh but wait, haha. 7:30 rolls around, and I wake up feeling pretty well awful. I've been fighting off, with relative success, getting sick for most of the week. But this particular morning I had no voice to speak of, a headache, very little ability to breathe through my nose, and that cute flu-like sensation where you feel dizzy and weak from doing, well, nothing. Back to bed for Siobhan, who initially intended only to miss her Working with the Director class only to recall that in the afternoon she had singing and dance... which in her current condition didn't seem like they'd go over too terribly well.

I just can't reeeeeally figure out what's bringing this on. And I'd like to say it's stress, but I'm less stressed than usual being that I am less busy (albeit with a much higher amount of general LIFE stress - more on that some other time). Which in and of itself means I can't quite account for the not sleeping well.

I mostly feel better, if still a little shaky and headache-y, and as consequence/happy accident of my day off, I'm getting quite a bit done. But like, seriously? Mostly I just feel like a giant tool for missing class, especially the morning class which I actually LOVE.

WHAT THE FUCK, body. Can we work this out, please?

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