Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What does your email say about YOU?

So, okay, yes, I'm illegally posting this at work (at my new job, where there is a computer from the last 4 years and internet... aka the job in which I actually work in 2010 rather than 1995, as at Bronx House... but I digress).

Currently, my job is to compile a list of people who have come for bachelorette/birthday/what-have-you parties (this is a dance studio that teaches, along with ballet and hip hop, pole and belly dancing and thus does parties). And I just have to ask: dear grown people of the world - why is your email address still [not an actual email address]

Like really. I had as my primary email address (as well as the equally stupid and, I believe, AND for a looooooong time, but when I was sixteen, I finally got embarrassed/realized that would look stupid as hell on a college application and changed it to my current email address which is comprised of, you know, just my name. You'll notice that I say when I was sixteen. I'm fairly certain the emails of everyone I'm seeing are AT LEAST eighteen, if not 21, at the youngest.

Come on now, ladies. It's time to put away sexykitty and sparklesgurl and superfunchik as your internet identities. Nobody cares what you do on your weekend, but in the real world, have an email I can logically guess from your first name. I'm looking at you, mybaby2146, sukimami06, and beautyandnotbeast [these ones all REAL emails].

Oh. Right. And dear people everywhere - get better handwriting.

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  1. 1) I know right! I mean I have my regular plain ass email now that I'm over the age of 15. (prior to that it was and

    2) I can get in on pole dance class? I like spin round like a record!

    3) I like you