Friday, June 10, 2011

Lifestyles of the not so rich but hopefully soon to be famous

...I have to admit, the premise of this, though easy at first, now seems vaguely like the nightly reports I have to send to my boss at work, which is to say mostly unappealing.

Also I'm cheating, because I definitely won't get to this before the end of my day.

30 Day Challenge: Bullet your whole day
  • Woke up before alarm because it's too damn hot in my room
  • Went back to sleep for all of 20 minutes
  • Woke up again 20 minutes later even unhappier about the heat
  • Showered, dressed, makeup'd
  • Bought coffee at deli
  • Waited for fucking ever for the select bus
  • Arrived late to work because of waiting forever & balls traffic on 2nd ave.
  • Worked, waited many tables
  • Broke plate at work, cut open finger on aforementioned broken plate
  • Worked more
  • Learned good news about a friend, was pleased to learn I was actually excited for her rather than pissy and jealous (AHA! maturity! i'm growing some!)
  • Finished working, ordered food
  • Bus home, ate food
  • Reviewed where I was in 30 day challenge, saw this, saw tomorrow's and got a little concerned
  • Was annoyed to learn that my cell phone isn't sending texts (wtf, cell phone)
  • Short nap
  • Drankin/reunion with favorites!
The end.

...On second thought, this was slightly less annoying than my nightly reports. On the other hand, it was also a complete waste of my time and that of anybody who read it. Thank you aaaand goodnight.

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