Monday, July 19, 2010

What's my age again?

I'm pretty sure I might have regressed sometime this weekend - first, seeing American Idiot, while fabulous (review to come), brought me SO squarely back to high school it was just silly. Up to and including pretty much crying like a little girl hearing "Good Riddance" at the end after curtain call. Left the show convinced I mighttttt have been sixteen again. I have spent the majority of today watching The O.C., which some of you might remember as a show that aired when we were in high school. I was such a baby when I was watching this show! Aaaaand then I just watched videos of Downbeat.

21 going on how old, Siobhan? Oh goodness.

So to recap: I work ALL the time and THINK about work 80% of the time - making me about 45. I compensate by either a) staying in and going to bed insanely early and cooking - 50ish or b) going out on weeknights - 21 or c) watching tv in my pajamas all day, specifically, THE OC - 14. Oh or d) listening to Disney music (to try to pick an audition piece, but...) - 6.

So my actual age I think is roughly a hundred going on twelve. I think this is a great development.

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