Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why are girls so stupid?

As a forerunner to this post, I openly disclose that the kind of behavior I am describing is behavior to which I am not immune. I don't mean to be a traitor to my sex, and I'm not trying to pretend I've NEVER done some of these things that I'm so peeved by.

That disclaimer now standing, I think I want to move to an island where there are only boys. And not for the reasons you might think, despite what I may have said in the past about NYU being a boyless wasteland. Though that part of a desert island where there are only boys would be fun too. But seriously! Some of you may have watched True Blood - less of you probably read the novels, but that's a possibility as well. Anyway, main character Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath, and she likes being around vampires because they are quiet. I'm beginning to feel the same way about being around boys.

Obviously no, I cannot read minds (though my reading of these books/watching True Blood and listening to Sookie whine about it still has yet to convince me that it wouldn't be useful). But by comparison, boys are so QUIET emotionally. Drama? Boys don't care. They hit each other when they're mad at each other instead of going about all kinds of duplicitous, passive aggressive, steeped in denial bullshit, make stupid jokes that only they laugh at but don't care about it, and generally speaking, put everything on the table. Passive aggressive? It's a language they don't speak, and so they don't try. Few boys I know willfully enter into an arrangement that is destructive to all parties involved and try and justify it to themselves and write it off. They are, other faults notwithstanding, generally extremely loyal to their friends and understand the boundaries of not fucking each other over for very limited personal gain. Generally far fewer boys I know allow themselves to be walked all over over and over again. They don't pretend that they have their shit together only to make the same mistakes in rapid succession. They may be the cause of a lot of drama, but they seem to, blissfully, know to stay the hell out of it when it comes and not to drag a bunch of people into it with them.

Okay. So who am I kidding. Expect the sequel the next time some boy does something dumb to me, to be entitled, "why are boys so stupid"? But for now, I'm seriously considering that island full of men. [Okay. Maybe I'm considering it for fun too.]

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